My Fault's Confessed, But It Can't Be Redressed

July 29, 2009
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“Have you ever wanted to disappear?”

That’s all I ever hear,
When headaches come around
And everything up is down
And you don’t know
Who you are anymore.

When your cheeks turn red
And the blood’s rushing through your head
And you wait for
The floor to fall open.

“Have you ever wanted to disappear?”

I wish I wasn’t here,
Where awkward silences breed
And blue-faced nightmares feed
And somewhere in between,
You’re stuck shaking.

Where dead wishes are king
And all the ugly children sing
And the only thing that comforts me
Is the sleep that’s to come.

“Have you ever wanted to disappear?”

…Actually, it’s the only thing I’ve ever feared.


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