The storm

July 28, 2009
By BamaBelle17 GOLD, Tucson, Arizona
BamaBelle17 GOLD, Tucson, Arizona
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The dark clouds boiled in the blue midsummer sky
As if the sky would start to cry
Wave upon wave of chilly rain
As if mother earth were releasing her pain
Then as day became night
There came a sudden streak of light
And amongst the raging storm
I sat there not wanting to go in where it was warm
As the whipped around and around
I felt as if my feet could leave the ground
When my hair began to lift
I caught a wonderful whiff
The smell of fresh water
Suddenly made me halter
As the rain hit my face I knew I found my place
All my dreams,memories,and wishes flooding back
Things I never knew I lacked
When the storm passes
I wipe rain off my glasses
I go back to my house
To await the next storm as quiet as a mouse
Like a Naiad I felt a renewal
Like water is my fuel
Monsoon brings about change
And keeps my heart in range

The author's comments:
This poem was written to capture the power of a storm. I find standing in the rain to be very refreshing for mind, body, and spirit. IT also keeps you moving on.

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