Mental Trauma MAG

By Unknown, Unknown, Unknown

Wipe the crust from my eyes
So I can see my wounds
Brush away theblood
From the day before
I rise to my feet
My swollen eyes openwide
I slowly walk through
The blurry faces
Mindless drones
Forcedinto hatred
I take fear by the hand
As I slowly walk toward mydestiny
My stomach churning
My eyes are burning
Everything isturning
In a downward spiral to my end
And yet I keep walking
Notknowing what I am feeling
I'm just as confused as those who stare
I'mslowly becoming more aware
Of their glazed eyes
Their hypnoticstatements
Burned into their brain
The burns are from the people they hideinside
Too scared to let them go
For what they will show
Hide theirweakness
With this constant bleakness
While I stand beside them
Anendless stream of flowing emotion
Pouring inside of me
Sometimes itspills
Sometimes it stains
And I'm just too lazy to clean it up

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