Marcia MAG

By Unknown, Unknown, Unknown

If I could meet you
this is what I would say -
I don't know if I
                              love you
                              or miss you
but I know many other thingslike
                                        the square rootof sixty-four and
                                        thealphabet in three different languages -
would you like me to sing them foryou?
I also know
                                         how to talk to children.
(Did you forget to teach my father that?)
Youdisappeared before I even
knew what "dying" meant.
You weresupposed to be here to
                                           watch me graduate,
                                           cryat my wedding,
                                           sing tomy children.
I have a new mother now, you knew her.
Even loved her. I loveher.
But the question of what life would have been like
with you

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