I saw you today...

July 28, 2009
By Martina SILVER, Courtenay, Other
Martina SILVER, Courtenay, Other
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I saw you today
the first time in a while
my eye caught yours
I know you saw me too
I walked and shuffled right past you
nothings changed
I know that it never will
but couldn't you look at me
acknowledge me
show me something
that tells me it wasn't all make-believe

I saw you today
I really saw you
you showed me who you were
your true light shined through my blind
little eyes
and I finally got the idea you saw all along
I could never be like you
I could never be near you
because you and I
we don't work
you don't notice me
but I notice you
you walk right past me without a second thought
and I'm left wondering
If I ever crossed your mind

I saw you today
I saw the real you
and for once
I saw the me when I'm around you
I know why you don't see me
I know it clearly now
I'm not me when I'm with you
I shut down and don't let anyone through
all along I thought I was an open book
just waiting for you to turn the page
and read more
all those times that I never knew
all those times I wondered
why, oh why couldn't I be the one for you
but now I know
I heard the sad siren song
and im strumming along

I saw you today
but I turned my head
and looked away.

The author's comments:
My technique is still rough, and I tend to try to rhyme quite a bit. This is about a boy that I liked for years that never noticed me, and I realized that he never will.

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