A Golden Box

July 28, 2009
I held a Golden Box,
tightly against my chest.
Which is said to contain,
the greatest treasure of man.
But what eluded me,
was the key.

I spent much of my time,
on a quest to find the key.
A task that seemed,
important at the time.
But it was futile,
and the path was brutal.

One day a Raven came,
and settled next to me.
He sang a song,
telling where I can find the key.
After which he departed,
I was left to finish what I started.

I made my way to a forest,
where a female Serpent greeted me.
With delight, she gave me the key.
And slid away without a word.
Leaving me with my thoughts,
on the treasure that I sought.

I came home to the Golden Box.
That I held tightly to my chest.
I used the key that I was given.
To unlock the mysteries inside.
I opened the box to find,
that it was empty, I’ve wasted my time.

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