You and Your Guitar

July 27, 2009
Strum away your feelings,
Tune out all things us,
Write down the lyrics of your lies,
Sing away my trust.

Keep the strap always on your shoulder,
Hold your guitar tight,
I hope the strings hold you together,
For you failed to make me older that one night.

Like you sang to me once,
We’re only this young for so long,
I’ve cried too many times,
Just to find that I am strong.

You may have been my first true love,
I’ve spared my thoughts of then,
Keep close your precious music,
You’ve long lost your innocence.

I’m not much of a believer,
But for your sake I’ll find some way,
To make you see it in my view,
Not your sweet, melodic play.

I said no for a reason,
I’ve redeemed myself enough,
Hold your guitar tight my troubled, dear lost love.

When I see the guitar forever at your hands,
I will shed one single tear,
I cannot forgive or forget,
I’ll turn my back on what I hear.

Don’t cry lost love,
Play your music but watch your tears;
They stain guitars.

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