What it comes down to MAG

By Unknown, Unknown, Unknown

Biting my cuticles to the ultimate end
Nothing to do
Nothing haschanged
Except for the fact
That I am writing
On the right side of thepage

Sitting alone
I've been staring out
This same restaurantwindow
For two hours now
Counting cars and watching
Them travel at apace
I can't keep up with

But I too run around
Trying to survivethe
Life I was born with
Facing greedy people
Who leave cheap dollartips
My arms start to stick
To this half-washed table
The only personwho
Comes to my mind is 'Tom'
Scraggly blond hair
With the exact face ofthe rock star
'Kurt Cobain'
Every one of his characteristics
Representsthe true
American citizen:
Half-assed effort, no respect
With adesperate need for money

So as the boredom soaks me up
I know in anhour
I'll still find myself
sitting here writing
On the right side ofthe page.

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