The Wall

July 27, 2009
By lacey anderson BRONZE, Rimrock, Arizona
lacey anderson BRONZE, Rimrock, Arizona
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People think im strong
because when they hurt me i move on.
but deep inside it builds a wall
every time you cut my heart another brick it gains!

people think im happy
because i always laugh and smile
but if only you knew the the tears i shed day in and day out
if only they they knew i express pain in a hyper way

People think my life is perfect
because thats what i try to do
make my life look perfect because maby it will fool me as it seems to fool you

People think they know me
because there my friends
but i really wish they'd see i hide the real me!
if they knew the real me
our friend ship might change...

people wouldn't recognize the real me!
because inside Am WEAK!
i keep people thinking im brave by using that wall
that wall that holds me in, yet holds you out
some times i open my wall to a few
but they always destroy my secret world! and break my heart!
my wall is now there because im afraid of braking!
People think im strong
because i hide behind a wall.....

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