Last day on earth

July 27, 2009
By audrey heitsch BRONZE, Waterford, Michigan
audrey heitsch BRONZE, Waterford, Michigan
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sometimes i think of what
my last day on earth will be like,
or better,
what i would like it to be,
and i imagine this:

you and i
sprawled across the barren brown soil
with aliens flying overhead,
sucking our peers into a
seamless sky,
with beams of light filtering down
and illuminating
our last moment together.

and this:

me and you
sitting upon the bluest beach
with a black-hole sun
damning everything
burning it down
as we rest, with fans
cooling eachother off.

and this too:

both of us
inside your bedroom, while
the city falls around us
buildings crumbling
dreams crushing
and two eager smiles
upon our faces,
while we are bludgeoned to death
by american ideals.

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