BroKen RedeMpTioN

July 27, 2009
see the wings
how they glitter
as the wind
takes off
silence has fallen
again the earth
is a bitter memory
of what it
once was
something beautiful
something alive
now thats just
a memory
taking the life
out of me
breaking everything down
no more sun
no more flowers
no more light
a dark
and morbid place
threatens your eyes
as you try to hide
away the pain
of an unfruitful life
u've built here
beautiful .....
its just a word
could mean
so many things
but you ..
yes , you are beautiful
as you sit there
with your broken soul
and your hurt - filled eyes
I see right through you
the angel you
were meant to be
so , go home tonight
and dream of me.....

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