Becoming who I am

July 28, 2009
I dig my fingernails deep into humanity.
Trying to plant myself anywhere I might grow,
Learning anything that might make sense.
With this downpour of emotions I begin to sprout.
I’m becoming something,
so different then I thought I would.
I change with the seasons.
Dying, then becoming beautiful.
It all comes and goes.
I've dug myself so deep into the earth.
I tangle up in vines of conformists and pessimists
That have taken over these walls I have so effortly built.
I intertwine and mingle,
All along knowing this is not my place.
I cry until my walls start to slide.
I watch closely with distorted vision
As all familiarities of this awful place
Detach themselves from me.
Sliding with rocks they begin their journey
down below all together.
I watch them as they slide for seconds,
days, hours? Time is no longer aware
of my existence,
Too busy moving everything else along,
Somehow I’ve stood strong.
Walls drying yet cracked.
I am alone now;
Somehow I’ve found who I am again.
I am not to be tangled up,
or intertwined with anything.
I am a sunflower smiling at an open blue sky,
I am a wise oak with many stories to tell,
I am the airplane you see far off in the distance.
I was meant to be alone,
and who I am makes me happy.

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