Your Voice Is Like A Waterfall

July 28, 2009
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Your voice is like a waterfall,
Clearing all my stress and fear.
I have never heard you talk as much
As you did the other night.
I have never really heard your voice before,
But that time I even heard it through a mic.
You got up in front of everyone and talked,
While I sat and listened,
Not even knowing what to say.
I wanted to go up and talk,
But I had my reasons for not talking.
If you can talk in from of all your peers,
Then why won’t you talk to me?
I have tried,
And you barely respond.
I have been doing better on being shy,
But the other night,
You made the biggest step in healing your shyness.
I couldn’t believe that you actually talked into a mic!
You voice was deep,
But yet calm and soothing.
I wish you would talk more,
It would help me stay more relaxed.
As I write this poem,
I wonder who you are talking to,
Or what you are thinking about.
They say that if you have a dream about someone,
They thought about you before they went to bed.
I have only had one dream about you,
So I have to have the question, “Do you ever really think about me?”

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tigeress3 said...
Aug. 4, 2009 at 8:10 pm
Lovely, but a bit rambly.
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