Hard Teen Life

July 20, 2009
By JessikaJade GOLD, Miami, Florida
JessikaJade GOLD, Miami, Florida
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Wishing the teenage life was so simple
Where wen I had feelings for you
& you felt the same, it was a done deal
Were were each others.
But not in this life, not in this world.
We gotta play the game from start to end
& when its over, its never really finished
Something is always there,
Maybe not like before, but its never really gone.
Even if you are my past,
We both no its not completely history.
Or maybe t could be history
Because if I recall the saying
History always repeats itself.

Wishing this teenage life was so simple.
Even making a friend gotta be so damn difficult
Not really the making part, but keeping it
I mean all you really gotta do is
Say hey, be alike, and your set.
But when are things THAT easy? Please.
U never know who else they could be friends with
Where talking behind your back takes place
Who knows, all ur secrets can be every1s business by now
Teenage years is when you discover
The fakes, instigators, drama starters, talkers, liars
& the list jus goes on.
(Sigh) a true friend is rare these days
You know the saying keep ur friends close and ur enemies closer.
Well why the enemies when the "friends" know so much.
"Friends" is the ones who should be kept the closest.

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