July 20, 2009
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Pink and hazy orange hues
crowned him like the
beautiful halo he deserved
the clouds, silver and
glinting, sent a glare of
cryptic message, flashing like
a thunderbolt in his
mystic eyes,
beholding me in their vision,
sending a lurch through
my heart
blue crashes sounded over
the horizon, giving me the need
to catch the waves, of needing
to pin them tot he grain
of millions of years of wear and
tear and give them to the
king of my heart
lush green billowed about my face,
granting me a crown of tall,
whimsy, floating life
that clouded my eyes, rearing
off my vision of my one true
a lurch zipped through my chest,
i was not able to stand the
seconds loss of
his figure
all was quiet except for the
invisable gentle hushed blows
every once in awhile
our eyes locked
giving me a split-second of his
heart completely linked to mine
one second remembered for an
eternity, a life-long
even though smiles were not present,
joy overflowed, splling
about my system
his palm brushed mine, sending
my heart into a wrenching
stop for two seconds,
control regained, my eyes shut all turned and twisted into
eternal, exact

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SilverAngel said...
Oct. 9, 2009 at 5:54 pm
Very nice job!!!!!
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