July 20, 2009
By dayana jeanty BRONZE, Miami, Florida
dayana jeanty BRONZE, Miami, Florida
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It’s a recession they say
What does that mean to us today?
It means that thousands are unemployed
And finding that their credit cards are null and void
A father stealing at a convenience store
Just so he could feed his daughter a little more
A mother and son sleeping under a bridge
Because the payments weren’t made on the mortgage
Grandparents raising their grandchildren
Because mother’s out stripping
Father’s out selling
Older siblings out learning
People committing suicide
Because they can’t handle the expenses that come with living life
Up and down our stocks are going
Money spending faster than water is flowing
They were worrying about a second depression
Rather than worrying about the people’s expressions
So much pain in those desperate eyes
In a country that promised that it would provide
Maybe we need to throw out capitalism
Since it’s causing so much chauvinism
The poor are getting poorer
While the rich are getting richer
But somehow they make it seem like were stitched into the same seam

The author's comments:
I've been watching the news and I've been hearing about the economy, so something im me wanted to write about the miseries of the economy and what we're really facing.

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