Close To Perfection

July 20, 2009
By iluvtrac5 SILVER, Fort Worth, Texas
iluvtrac5 SILVER, Fort Worth, Texas
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Some say no one is perfect
Although there was one
But can we get close to perfection
Could it really be done
Is there anyone who could live right
As right as can be
Not saying they wouldn’t have flaws
But better than most we see
Would that person be the center of attention
The victim of everyone else’s pain
Jealousy and frustration
Would cause them to be the blame
But why can’t we just see them as an example
Of how you’re supposed to act
Ask them certain questions
Like how to stay on track
Why can’t we just be different
And live outside of the box
When someone says oh no not me
It comes as some sort of shock
We say why everyone else is doing it
We make it seem as if it’s a law
To all be similar
Something like a dogs paw
So can I be that person
To just say no to it all
To make my own decisions
And break down a few walls
To create my own path I’ve heard originality is virtue
Didn’t really understand it at first
But now I realize its true
I’ve already started on the road
And I’ve already started to see
The term close to perfection
It could one day be me

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