The letter...

July 20, 2009
I miss you I really do
its like every time I hear those songs I go back to that day seeing you lifeless
and I dont know what to do any more
Part of me wants to cry and the other part wants to get over the fact that your actually gone
and not at home or even working just to survive.
I mean not being able to see you and go to your house any more just takes time to get used to
there is this saying "life may fade away but memories last forever"
and its true there are so memories of you that fill my head im
not sure weather to laugh cry or die...
It like there still times i just want to fade into the sky to see you again.
There are times that i want to call you but i cant and it breaks my heart
so bad to know that there is no bringin you back. i think about you day
and night. I remember all the days i spent at your house just sitting there
talking to you. laughing at the things you would tell me it was just great just
getting to hang out with you was so much fun. I tell my self i wont cry but
every time i do i find the tears flowin down my face. its hard to see you go. There is not a day
that goes by that i dont think of you. I never told you good bye.
I guess this is the letter that was never wrote..
Its hard to say this but bye for just a little while.

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