All Or Nothing

July 19, 2009
By Riona Mc Ardle BRONZE, Dundalk, Other
Riona Mc Ardle BRONZE, Dundalk, Other
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You say it so carelessly,
Like it will have no effect,
I wonder if you realise
That it just screams bad news.
There's a bitter taste in my mouth,
I'm swallowing lack of faith and despair
And it's making me gag on the foul lies.
One, two, three, repeat after me,
It's going to be fine, we're going to be fine.
My heads underwater and I'm drowning,
Will you let me sink or swim?
My mind is reeling over this,
Too much to make a move.
Because I know how you sell it
But I worry it's all make believe.
I choke on the words errupting from my throat,
That when we mean splintered or nothing,
I could never let nothing win.

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