Perfect Mask

July 19, 2009
What you see in front of you is a mere mask

My sadness hides behind my eyes

While being fooled by my realistic smile

Beneath the scars; I wish for myself

I cry when everyone is asleep

Holding on to my pillow-the only thing I have tonight

How pitiful am I?

I can only run as far as my dreams lead me

I can only hide as long as my tears don’t show

And in my every day routine

This mask is the only thing everyone knows

Everyone sees the heels I wear

Everyone sees the ‘me’ I wear

Looking in the mirror, I smile

Do I look independent?

Do I look happy?

My frown appears along with my tears

I walk away and whisper:

'A perfect mask doesn’t cry'

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distant_dreamer said...
Aug. 6, 2009 at 2:47 am
Wow, I love it!!! I know that feeling, and I know how it feels to wear a "mask" of lies. 5 stars, great job, keep on writing!!!!!!!!!
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