Harmony MAG

By Unknown, Unknown, Unknown

Here we go again,
two steps forward,
three steps back.
We aredancing,
to two different tunes.
What do you hear, horse?
A tune youonly know.
Your music is so different,
I feel like a ballerina,
at yourrock concert.
No jerking or jumping,
don't jostle me.
It's slow,soft,
as fresh falling snow.
Hear the flute?
Hear the violin?
No, nodip, no spin.
This is no tango.
Not here,
not now.
Horse, please findmy tune.
I don't hear your
heavy bass or crashing drums.
It's the lightflute,
and the soothing violin.
Horse, let's find harmony.
We're a fluidunit.
We blend like a silhouette
on the horizon.
That's right, melt tome,
give in and dance.
Dance with me, horse.

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