July 19, 2009
By Sarah Goellner BRONZE, Palmyra, Missouri
Sarah Goellner BRONZE, Palmyra, Missouri
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You’re back in my life
How do I deal with this?
I’m on my own now
And doing everything wrong
I can tell
But what do I do
When I can’t distinguish
What’s right for me
When all I know is how I feel
In my heart and in my gut

You tell me you miss me
And everything we had
But friends is it
Because you’re afraid
Of hurting me
How is this time different
From the times you’ve said those words before?

You’re a different person
Not who I remember
Not who I loved
Not my best friend
I don’t like who you’ve become
It’s not good for you
You can be so much better than this
Do you see that
Or is it just me?

I care about you
And I know you
I think you’re seeing that now
I didn’t just go off and forget everything we went through
How could I?
Those memories are with me
And I hope you didn’t lose them
Because I think they meant
Just as much
To you
Or was I wrong about that too?

This week has been completely wrong
I was never supposed to be in this situation
How could I let myself get here?
Do I believe all the things you’re telling me?
Or just brush them off
Because I might get hurt
By taking that step forward
Towards you
I shouldn’t be doing this
But I’m always here for you
And all those things you told me
While I was breaking down
Brought back so much
To the point
Where I had to stop myself
I went too far
Almost stepping over the ledge
Heading for a fall
I might not walk away from

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