Rejected and Alone

July 19, 2009
By runs_withdoughnuts BRONZE, Keymar, Maryland
runs_withdoughnuts BRONZE, Keymar, Maryland
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I've been dejected rejected
alonie on my ownie
they don't know how they've burnt me hurt me
gonna plaster my face on cans of mace
this is what you're attacking
why don't you look in the mirror to see her
you'll never see me again any other way
in your eyes I eat your soul
eat your heart out you know it was funny
I laughed but you didn't like my joke
you would've done it to me anyway
if it were you if I were you I wouldn't be so hurt
so bad so sad
you'll be okay tomorrow I won't.
Next time I see you you'll go looking for me
but you'll never find a good piece of mind
I'll be there in the back of your mind
its every day that I know you'll think about it
never I will cross your mind once twice a year later,
but you won't remember the joke that wasn't funny
the strange words I spoke that you didn't understand
but I understood I don't think you ever could
but maybe you did
you suppressed the idea that it made sense
went on a rant of how it hurt you
you felt bad but you don't know how you left
how you hurt me theft of my ok
I'm not ok I can't be I'm alonie on my ownie
I've been dejected and rejected by you
say goodbye.

The author's comments:
For those who have felt as though someone has wronged them at any point, and left them stranded in a dark tunnel. (Metaphorically speaking).

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