July 19, 2009
By Anonymous

I have changed so much
don't really know who i am..

Times change & people grow
why did i have to change
just to let people know..

that I'm here..
in the front..
hands high..

Can you see me?
Do you like me?

where's my friends when i need them..
Gotta look nice just to see them..
Change my ways just to keep them..

i change to be liked
am I a groupie..
am I a joke..
Or am I fake..

The author's comments:
i always been the one on the side
when my friends do something bad Or do something i dont like to do but i have to change that becuase i dont want to look like the one in the way the loser the one that dont do nothing .. im weird but i have to change to make my friends . thats why i wrote this to let ya know

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