finnaly free

July 18, 2009
By Anonymous

He entered into your life
And everything started to change
And things will never be the same

He opened up the other person in you
He cured the blindness in your eyes
And made you see beyond what is used to be
He guided you to what your heart truly desires

In that moment, you really looked fulfilled
But it didn’t last for too long
Cause confusion started to cloud your mind
And fear haunted your whole being

In the blink of an eye
Your precious heart is shattered
Your beloved dream taken away from you
And silence is what you choose during your ordeal

You didn’t act
You didn’t speak
You are at your limit
The torment is too much
And you just can’t take it anymore

You wish for your heartache to end
You didn’t care
You just wish to never be pain again
And through a bullet youre finally free
And forever it shall be

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