July 18, 2009
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When in time of despair,
NO one to look up to,
Everything seems bad,
You think there is no way there will ever be change,
Seems like your hopes and dreams go upside down
All you could do is pray!

When in time of despair,
Parents with no trust,
Only friends to rely on,

Stress and pressure,
Someone help!

When in time of despair,
People always expect more,
No one takes you seriously,
Parents give you all the blame,
Need someone to talk to!

When in time of despair,
Tears rolling down my checks,
Cant eat, cant sleep, don’t feel well,
All you could do is hope!

One lesson I learned is from Esther Hamalka,
Who had a life of crisis and believed with full Emunah,
She did as she was told despite her surroundings,
And became the queen with everyone’s likings,
Saved us the Jews, or we wouldn’t be what we are today,
All she did was with believing and hope!

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