You Appeared

July 18, 2009
By ~KristenAngel~ PLATINUM, Banner Elk, North Carolina
~KristenAngel~ PLATINUM, Banner Elk, North Carolina
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How did you just appear
In my life
I never noticed you before
And then one day
I opened my eyes
To the world around
And you appeared
There had to be a reason
You suddenly come into my life
And I come into yours
The reason is love
That day when you appeared
Changed my whole life
We talked some
Found out we didn't have
A lot in common
Then I remembered the saying
"Opposites attract"
I guess its true
Cause when you appeared
We found love
Its different love
But we make it work
We both have changed
Learned from each other
We have had our fights
But what couple doesnt
I can definitely say
My world has changed
Since the day you appeared
Into my life
I'm not the same
As before
And neither are you
We aren't perfect
But we're perfect for each other
And since the day you appeared
I've found love
Love with a peron
I thought I would never love
But theres something about you
Thats just different
From the another guys
That have appeared
In my life
Which is why
Im so afraid
That you'll break up with me
But I have faith now
That we have strength
To make it through
The ups & downs
That are to come
But love is always complected
I know our love is strong & true
And i've known this
Since the day you appeared
In my life
When I first spoke words to you...

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