Frozen in Time

July 18, 2009
By ToriJ BRONZE, ------, New York
ToriJ BRONZE, ------, New York
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Walking across the vast crystalline lake, the cold crisp air stings my face. As I take in a breath, the fresh mountain air freezes my lungs, sending a cold shiver down my spine. I hear the great silence, feeling as though it's pressing in on me leaving me dizzy with a giddy high, reminding me constantly that I'm finally alone, the constant busy rush of the world gone. The giant walls of ice enclose me in this dazzling frost-covered world, reaching up into the sky far beyond what I can see. I love it here, I think to myself with a half smile. As I wander across the ice, I run a hand along a transparent figure reaching up out of the glacial waters. My hand goes numb. Ice. Of course. Everything here is made of it, maybe thats why I like it here. It possesses a certain haunting beauty. That of which both dazzles and terrifies. Looking off into the distance, I see what looks like a magnificent waterfall, the water cascading in great sheets to land on the frozen lake below. Once again I find myself gazing at the glassy lake, blinded by the little diamonds glinting up at me. As an eerie shiver once again goes down my back, I realize at last how strange I feel, calm; my insides frigid with cold. Numb. Every sense enhanced , my eyes seeing in crystal clarity. Staring up at the sky a massive blanket encloses the scene. Everything in this wonderous place seems to be stuck in this one moment. Frozen in time.

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