A Father Worth Loving MAG

By Unknown, Unknown, Unknown

there is a young boy
that I know, not at all
I know his experiences
andwhy he cries
that he does cry

and you watch from behind
as thewords in his books smudge
from tears
crinkling the pages
forming puddlesof ink and salt
you watch and tell him to be a man
boys don't cry, nottoday, not ever

I watch him, and cry
because he is in constantcompetition
for your love
he questions why the earth turns
and correctsyour grammar
and you disown him for this
because he isn't on the baseballteam
that you are captain of

I know a boy
who yearns to beaccepted
but you won't let him be
you forget that he is your son
andthat he is worth loving
he will never forget that you are his father
whenlove is all he thinks you deserve

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