July 17, 2009
By Elizabeth Schofield BRONZE, Bozeman, Montana
Elizabeth Schofield BRONZE, Bozeman, Montana
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He walked from the costume shop
Where he disguised his ugly face
He waited in the shadows
For the dark of night
Then took a stroll
Down the street
He greeted man and woman
And they smiled back
He patted children’s heads
And the giggled with delight
He then found an innocent couple
And joined them on their walk
With the swiftness of a fox
The clever disguise squeezed
Between the two lovers
Until no other room was left
He then unmasked his face
To reveal his true meaning
Betrayal laughed
As the lovers parted
Going their separate ways
In disgust at the
Man looking back at them
Be he had just begun his night
And he could smell love in the breeze
He continued his stroll
Leaving his scar on people
Splitting lovers
With his ugly face
Making certain
No one ever forgot
The day Betrayal chose
To unmask himself for them

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