Only Way of Freedom

July 17, 2009
By Michael Nicol BRONZE, San Fernando, Other
Michael Nicol BRONZE, San Fernando, Other
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Freedom was all I wanted,
Your choices that shaped my world,
A prison with no escape,
You led me towards your dream,
Crushing mine with the hand of reject,
My dreams were never good enough for you,
Though they were my very own,
I continued living my life,
A life of defiance,
Defiance of your word,
With actions done by my passion,
A passion that burned so deep in me,
How I wish that you could accept,
Who I truly am,
Though life isn't that easy or fair,
You kept pushing me towards my doom,
'Till the time that I realized,
I was living your life and not mine,
And the only way to be free,
Was to drop the guillotine,
Upon my very own neck.

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