Silent and Forgotten

July 17, 2009
By Andeebales BRONZE, Waldport, Oregon
Andeebales BRONZE, Waldport, Oregon
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Where’d all the good people go?
The people like Martin Luther King Jr.
The people like President Lincoln,
The people who put their own life at stake,
For the good of others.
When the good of the many,
Was better than the good of the one.
When money didn’t come in play,
When it wasn’t all self centered crap,
When people left tips,
When people gave lifts,
When people walked down streets for a cause,
When we cherished each other,
And helped one another.
I wish I could have seen those days,
But I am growing up in a world where you live for money,
When you die for drugs and guns,
When you kill others for yourself,
I see people get amounts of money that shouldn’t exist.
I see people laugh and lie on T.V. like nothing’s happening.
My future is ruined,
The people I grew up with won’t go anywhere,
If this keeps going this way,
No one will get anywhere,
We’ll go so far back it won’t even matter,
The good people will be gone,
All that will be left are the bad.
You will steal and beg,
You will fight and pray,
You won’t have a choice.
Nothing will be easy,
Nothing will be nice.
We sit here and do nothing,
Knowing we aren’t important to this system,
That we built for each other,
Not for a select few.
We sit here and scream,
So loud it hurts,
But to plugged ears,
That will never hear.

The author's comments:
The news inspired me to write this. Anger filled me and I felt I needed to be heard.

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