Gerunds for the Condecending Friend

July 17, 2009
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Looks constantly demeaning.
You’re so very condescending.
Can you find a love for anything?
Can you ever smile with feeling?
It is yourself you are deceiving!

For everyone is passionately dreaming!
If you deny this then you just are not living.
I pity everything you are trying.
because I know it is a sign empty crying.
And I know that on the inside you are dying.

To say I am not sad for you would be lying.
But thoughts of me doing anything with you are just pigs flying.
I’m not about to hang with those who are not trying.
To love God and with whom he is not walking.
So hold your breath and stop your useless talking.

It is impossible for my befriending
Anyone who is condescending.
And anyone who is my heart forgetting.
You can stand at my door and you can keep knocking
But I am not my heart unlocking.

Until you’re pride is on the floor laying
And your arrogance is dead and you are ready for befriending.
My empathy and my love toward you I wont be regretting.
But something tells me that your pride is still to be setting..
So you’ve gotten to the door and (for now) that’s as far as you’re getting!

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