Truth Versus Lies

July 17, 2009
By Jalisia Taylor-Singleton BRONZE, Stone Mountain, Georgia
Jalisia Taylor-Singleton BRONZE, Stone Mountain, Georgia
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The truth has retired
A plot yet conspired
But morals must not be
Misconstrued by liars
If the honesty’s the policy
The manual has fallacies
For every lie that is sung
Every slip of the tongue
Truth has been given an incurable malady
An illness unimaginable
Wreaks havoc that’s unfathomable
Its symptoms, small and white
Can grow to lies that seek to damage homes
Savage clones, replicating
Bear false witness, implicating
Testimonies under oath
Hand on Bible, premeditating
To leave our words crippled and maimed
In this dishonest state, once released their untamed
Presented as truths, like a sheep with wolves’ brains
The blood of a predator flows through its veins
But remove the façade, the lie still remains
Watching and waiting to prey on its prey
The prey being preyed on, must pray and keep faith
The lies taking over will soon meet their grave
And truth, in all glory, forever will reign

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