Popping the Pain Away

July 17, 2009
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My emotions run straight
My heart beats wild
My head's in a million places
As I stand, with poise and style
This thing called life is not easy you know
As simple as I make it look
The pain is still aflow
Scorching spots of me
hidden and new
Hiding my fear was all I could do
Staying strong for those who didn't know it
Inside I was breaking down
But never showed it
Until one day the edge looked promising
No one knew what they'd be missing
I was the root of their stem
I was the star in their sky
Yet something made me want to die
I did nothing for months
But lay down and cry
Searching for the truth to tell me I was wrong
Searching for a lie to sing my song
What could I do but sit and think
While my life continued to sink
Falling deep below me
Under my skin
The pain was unbareable
Sin after sin
So what do I do
I try and make it go away
Popping happieness seemed like the was
Days went by, my body went weak
As I lay, beggining to lose sleep
I lost all thought, all control of my body
Until someone came and gave me a reaction
A reaction I couldn't refuse, couldn't deny
I needed a savior, so I wouldn't die
I met him one day and he gave me the strength
The strength to say no, then he gave me back my peace

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