You Can't Live my Life

July 17, 2009
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How many times
do I have to ask you?
How many times
will I hear you lie?

How many tears
do I have to shed for you?
How many pieces
of me must die?

How many nights
must I stay awake for you
Hoping to find
some clue

As to how you can take
MY life away
And not think yourself

Nothing I do
will ever make it right
I know this;
so should you

You can't live my life
when yours gets hard
so please stop
trying to

I know your family's not
there for you
Kinda like you're not
there for me.

Not matter how much of
myself I give to you...
You won't be there
when I'm in need.

Everyone has times when
they're feeling down
Don't think that
it's just you

But you can't live my life
when yours gets hard
So please stop
trying to.

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