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July 17, 2009
By Ninja! BRONZE, Fountain, Colorado
Ninja! BRONZE, Fountain, Colorado
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My family is a bunch of lies, everybody is a lie, everyone of you reading this is a lie.

Whether it be about the color of the shoes your wearing, or to the gun hiding in your closet. chances are you have told plenty of lies. i know i have.

It is natural human instinct to lie. but why do we do it if we know it is going to hurt someone?
Why can't we tell the truth?

Because the truth hurts.
We don't like to see someone we love, hurt and in pain over something we said. but chances are we are hurting them worse by not telling them the truth.

so even if it is just a white lie. it's still a lie. it's still not the truth. and it's still wrong.

The author's comments:
I just found out my best friend has been lying to many for about two years now. she made up a bunch of people, "I talked to them online" "I got notes" but i never met them. but soon all of them started dieing! it was like her own pitty me story! A bunch of lies, that she kept going, she told everyone. So i wrote this to let out my thoughts on lieing. comment please!

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