Hear What I Have to Say MAG

By Unknown, Unknown, Unknown

You don't talk to me, you say
But I do, I respond, but you don't hearthose words
So you go on talking.

You only talk to me about things thatare not of any importance.
Maybe not to you, but they are important to me
Ijust thought maybe I would share it with you.

You often talk to me with abad tone
A tone that does not belong to a child
But belongs to an adult notliving with her parents.

I know I do sometimes, I'm sorry that Ido
However, I sometimes feel that I must scream to get your attention
Buteven if I did, I know I would never get you to listen.

Child, you hurt me,you hurt me so much
When you talk to me the way you do.

But how is itthat I talk to you?
I try talking to you all the time, but you neverlisten
All I want you to do is listen, I don't mean to hurt you
But I hurtwhenever I speak, and you don't pay notice to what I say.

I don't want toever hear you talk to me that way
You hear, I don't want you disrespectingme
The way that you do, I don't want you cutting me off
When I'm speaking,and getting all angry and stomping your feet
I will no longer accept that, youhear?

For the first time I left it at that, no arguments, no tears
Butdid you hear what I said? I'm not happy, I want you to listen to me,
Isilently say to myself.
But it's okay, I'm too tired from all theyears
I've argued with you, so you could just understand me
I give up, mydays of fighting with you are over.
This is what you have always wanted
Andnow you shall get your wish.
But just maybe one day you'll want to listen tome
I silently pray.

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