July 16, 2009
By eagilman17 PLATINUM, Hilton Head Island, South Carolina
eagilman17 PLATINUM, Hilton Head Island, South Carolina
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Love’s too painful to deal with
It brings the feeling of failure every time
I’m so tired of waiting
For that lie of a sign
No such thing exists
Because all they do is resist
Everything love has to say
Because running is better than falling
For something that’s already crumbling
Into a million pieces
That will only cut you later
As you try to put it back together
Why do people even bother?
Love isn’t what they say
It hurts and rarely succeeds
Guarding the heart every day
Prevents drama none of us need
Live your life
Just don’t fall in love
Friends will be fine
The others are already done
The fire will get too hot
The high will become too much
Somebody will say enough
Admit it, you’re not that tough
Their words form a fist
As your heart is the mirror
Struggling to see inside them
But only able to see the exterior
But because you fell
You continue to try
Because they are all that matters
So when the punch finally arrives
Your heart is completely shattered
Into a million bitter pieces
That will only hurt the next person
Who tries to fix them
No matter how real their love might be
I’ve already been destroyed
Nothing you can do will fix me

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