July 16, 2009
By ~KristenAngel~ PLATINUM, Banner Elk, North Carolina
~KristenAngel~ PLATINUM, Banner Elk, North Carolina
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There are somethings that you don’t know
And I just can’t tell you
Cuz they’re way to personal
But if I don’t tell you
You’ll keep doing them
So baby when you ignore me
And when you start thinking
It scares my heart so bad
I just can’t help
But being afraid
When you first broke up with me
You told me you’ve been thinking
And if I tell you this
You’ll just Lightly slap me and say
“I’m not gonna break up with you”
I’m sorry my heart feels this way
It’s not my fault
That it doesn’t want to get hurt again
This is really personal for me
But if I don’t tell you
You’re gonna keep doing it
And my hearts just gonna be sad
So I’m telling you this personal feeling
But just one more little thing
Why did you stop saying
“I love you”

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