Daydream City

July 16, 2009
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All the streets of the world
Couldn’t compare
With when you take a walk
In a special place

When you drop by
It’s hard to just say hi
You have to stop at the local café
And get a latté...or two

Everywhere you go
No one’s fully focused
That’s why
They deem it Daydream City
Daydreams surround one everywhere
They’re always all lost in their own little worlds
In Daydream City

Why is this city
So inviting?
You get caught in the embrace
You have to stop at the local café
Everyone looks through windows all day
Everyone gets caught visiting
Once in a while
It’s a nice place to see
But I’d never want to inhabit
Daydream City

They call it Daydream City
‘Cause no one focuses
The daydreams are their pleasures
Like icing on the cake
They’re all lost in their own little worlds
No one ever stays long
In Daydream City

We all go there whenever
We need a break
From our hectic lives
We catch a little cab
Soaking in the rain
And say ever so politely
“One for Daydream City.”

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