Love with only one end

July 20, 2009
By Jen.Bleigh BRONZE, Mapleton, Illinois
Jen.Bleigh BRONZE, Mapleton, Illinois
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We know where love begins
when two hearts connect
but where does it end
how do we know its coming
why does it end
and why do we let it
the answer my dear
is beyond the ear
past the mouth
over the nose
tis not the heart
but further above
the head the brain
the holder of knowledge

We pretend to know no answers
we pretend to know the question
and yet here i ponder
do we know what goes on
in our own head
love ends where it begins
in the brain that declared it so
they say to love
with all your heart

But i wish to love with my head
because at least then I know
that love will never end
because the mind
is a powerful thing
it is truly
the hearts only competition
and for that
i hope it wins

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