A Child's voice

July 16, 2009
By Anonymous

I ran frantically, through the black mysterious forest,

I knew it would be dark, but a shudder still ran through my body,

My eyes were blind in the shadows,

The trunk of the cherry tree stood waiting patiently,

Watching for the perfect moment to snatch me,

And laughing as it caught me by surprise,   

Its strong branches forming a woven cage,

The stinging pain going unbearable in my throbbing leg,

The tree holding me tight,

Never loosening its strong iron grip,

The fierce wind pushing all it's anger on me,

Slamming against me, cockling,

The freezing wind slowly going through my whole body,

My heart hidden in ice in seconds,

Showing me no mercy,

Then a child's sweet voice emanated to my ears in a whisper,

A warm breeze spreading through my body instantly,

I realized I had the strength and faced my battle

The tree fell to pieces before me,

The wind raced to escape my presence,

Scared of my sudden power

My legs helplessly, followed the child's innocent voice,

Its sheepish smile stunned me, shining

This made me smile in respond

I moved gracefully to the child's small arms, joy overflowing

For the child had shed light on my life,

When my problems had me spinning out of control,

Helping me find the strength to face them

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