A Soldier, A Friend, A Hero

July 16, 2009
I know it's rough
But I promise it'll be O.K.
Soon you'll see the light
Though I know you've seen better days.
You're doing great
I just want you to know
And your happiness sometimes disspates
Your sorrow days will someday dissapear.
Not everyone is brave enough
To chose your destined duty
Though it seems the sight is something to loathe
Your strength is shown through your beauty.
A friend to be proud of
Is what you've given to me
And many are so thankful
For fighting for our country.
So with these words I'll show to you
My thankfullness and gratitude
Not only to you, my friend
But for all of you staying true.
To all the fellow men and women
Out there fighting for today
For putting your lives on the line for us
An ugly war you will one day allay.
And with your duty that calls you to Iraq
One day I know we'll see the peace
Though its hard to see right now
One day I know it WILL be a better place.
So thank-you very much
From the bottom of my heart
Thank-you for protecting me
And the creation of a human rampart.

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