July 15, 2009


I found America tonight
barefoot and sprawled on my back, grass prickling my skin,
as bursts of red, white, and blue,
lit up ancient cosmos.

I walked down its asphalt paths.
Small town wheat fields opposite
the pulse of the city that never sleeps.
Main streets of the people.

I praised God for it
in the pew of a chapel.
Beacon of peace.
Opportunity with eternity.

I looked into its eyes,
two years old and freckle-faced
grin glazed over with sweet
summer popsicle juice.

I saw it
in the wrinkles of a veteran,
where tears had forged deep canyons
on a lost face of youth.

I found it at
the swimming hole. Where
skin brushing skin brings
summer serenity.

My voice echoed down its
canyons atop a peak in
Southern Utah.
Untouched wilderness.

I loved it
with my family as we
ate dinner together
hearts open wide.

I found it in me.
America, my homeland.

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