Just Another Moment

July 15, 2009
By OfTheFaithful GOLD, Litchfield Park, Arizona
OfTheFaithful GOLD, Litchfield Park, Arizona
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It is as if it were another moment in time.
We circle this planet.
We look for answers; explanations for the greatest mysteries of our world.
We find new things; discover. To imagine, it is to create.
Innovations, new ways of thinking. Modern-day philosophers.
Always searching for the unknown. Captivated by the will, the instinct of ours, to define what is unbeknownst to our senses.
Dreams of the past have become a reality.
Yet, humanity has merely taken just another step.
Is it the fate of this world to have the wisdom to grasp all things beyond measure?
Does this universe draw us in to its boundless search?
Or is it all just an obsolete effort; a way for us to maintain a society that is reluctant to remain satisfied with all it is fed.
In any case, the Earth will keep spinning round.
...As if it were another moment in time.

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