July 15, 2009
By shalane fowler BRONZE, Manchester, Connecticut
shalane fowler BRONZE, Manchester, Connecticut
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sitting here thinking of what to do
where my life went astrew
i know im happy deep inside
but the pain in the past tends to over ride
ive fallen again after i promised myself no
shes pure at heart and this i know
she makes me feel loved when nothing else is left
her kiss makes me know that she is gods gift
sent here to guide me through lifes journey
i wonder if this is what ive been yearning
i want this to work o so bad
i look in the mirror and all i see
is hurt and dispare thats all thats left to me
shes building me up not tearing me down
shes making my heart beat again and i love the sound
if i ever lose her i will know that this girl taught me how to love and let it show....

The author's comments:
ok so this poem is about my gf.... it explains the hurt and pain of previous love and the now

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