I'm Tired, What Do You Want?

July 15, 2009
By , bloomfield, CT
I'm tired of making hearts around your name. I'm tired of trying to make sense of everything when I know it's not going to be worth it. I'm tired of trying to imagine the rest of my life with you in it when I know you want out. I'm tired of always having to feel like I'm in a competition for something or someone who doesn't find me worth the time being around. I'm tired of just falling in love with you to getting over you to falling in love with you all over again. I'm tired of having strong feelings for you when I have to keep guessing if you feel the same way for me. I'm tired of always giving "us" my all when you do nothing but "deny" (us) and laugh. I'm tired of the pointless convos we have if your not going to take them into consideration. I'm tired of feeling like I'm number two and actually settling for it. I'm tired of loving you when I feel theres no reciept. I'm tired of being tired...You ask me, "What Do I Want?"...I'm tired of saying, "I Want You"...I love you, I always have, I always will...But I'm really tired of everything. I would like to switch things up a bit. I would like to know answers to the questions being asked. For a change, I would like to know, "What Do You Want?"... When you've thought about it, let me know. Come clean, for I'm tired.

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