July 15, 2009
By Callie Attanasio SILVER, West Linn, Oregon
Callie Attanasio SILVER, West Linn, Oregon
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The world is wide open
My whole life ahead of me
I look across the hills and see tropical beaches
I look away towards the sea and see snowy mountains
There is no limit
Dreams do come true

Think of all the life before
All the life to follow
The amazing feats done
The wonders yet to be discovered
Nothing is hidden
Yet nothing is fully visible
I must search for my wish upon a star
Grasp it with both hands
And never let go
Dreams do come true

I’ll run to the end of the world
And realize that it doesn’t stop there
There is a separate universe that runs forever
If you only run with it, you will find what your heart seeks most
Through loneliness and pain
Relief will be found
Through hurt and chaos
The light will be found
And your dreams will be realized
Dreams do come true

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