Earth Shaker

July 15, 2009
By kgirl123 SILVER, McAllen, Texas
kgirl123 SILVER, McAllen, Texas
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Just when you thought
The ground was stable
Unpredictability comes
To you like a sports injury
And knocks you off your feet
Just when you thought
The Tectonic Plates had stopped
Pain comes and scorches
You with the molten lava
That it knows best
Just when you thought
The Richter scale
Had calmed down
Misery comes to make
Sure that there is nothing
To hold on to
Just when you thought
That Seismic waves and
Tsunamis were
Long gone
Anger drags you out
To claw through the unforgiving abyss
Just when you thought the
Was over with
Change lifts you up
Sadness says its goodbyes
And the Tectonic plates
The Earth Shaker is gone
Go look at the mountains

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